Android 1.0.5 minor controller issues + crash screen

I’m having two minor issues with the game. I have worked around both of these issues, but I wanted to post them in case they aren’t already known.

  1. In order to get my Xbox one controller (Bluetooth) to work at startup I have to press the X button on my controller on the title screen which exits the game and then relaunch it using my controller. Once that’s done, the game works great with my controller. I get this behavior regardless of launching the game initially through touch or controller. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it’s a little annoying.

  2. I get a crash when trying to access the shop in eternity’s end if I hold down the A button to skip through Caliban’s dialog on relm depth 38; I did this twice in a row. Pressing the A button normally didn’t cause this issue. The crash message I get is shown above.

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