Android 1.0.5 Virtual Joystick not working


I´ve spent around 40 in the steam-version of Siralim Ultimate an i absolutely love it. No question i got the android-version asap when it was released.

When i start the game on my mobile device however, the virtual joystick and the A/B/C-buttons are not responding at all. No touch-input seems to be recognized. The game is running because i can hear the music playing … but no response from the controls :’( Other games (for example “9th Dawn III”) don´t have a problem with the virtual controls.

My device is a Poco F3 with the custom rom(!) LineageOS (based on Android 11) and FlameGApps (arm64, “Basic”-package).

Maybe you got some suggestions on how to get the virtual controls to work - or am i just f*cked because of the custom rom and/or FlameGApps i use? That would be a bummer :frowning:

Thank you very much in advance for any help/suggestions.

Right now, touch controls are automatically disabled when you have a gamepad connected either physically or via Bluetooth. Obviously, that “feature” turned out to be pretty annoying and I’m going to remove it in a future patch, but for now you should disconnect any gamepads you’re not using and it should work fine.


thanks a bunch for your quick response. I did a factory reset on my mobile device 2 days ago and didn´t add any bluetooth devices yet. And i don´t have physical controller which could be connected to my phone.

Maybe some “feature” from this custom rom messes with the game, making it think i would have such a device added/connected.

But i´m happy to hear that this problem of mine is probably fixed with a future patch :slight_smile: Until then, i just play on PC.

Thanks! :+1: