Android Crash 1.0.6

I recently switched my specialization to Windrunner and have been having trouble making it to the end of realms without the game crashing. I can almost never make it to the end of a realm because the game will crash to the home screen.

Crashes always happen intermittently during battle, usually at the start of my creature’s turn in mid-combat. I’m fairly certain it has something to do with the Viper Occultist and has crashed at time when some of my creatures have perished. It seems to crash the most whenever I fight against the fairy mob at the Fae Realm.

What I have tried so far:

-changing realms (crashes occur)
-high performance mode on (crashes occur)
-swapping out Piscacanth, Pit Guard, Terror Hound (crash occurs)
-swapping out Piscacanth, Pit Guard, Terror Hound, Priest, and Scorpion (crash occurs)
-Enabling all perks except Accumulation and Derivation (crash occurs)

-swapping out Viper Occultist, Terror Hound, Electropod Scorpion (no issues)
-changing all creatures (no issues)
-changing specialization and keep the same team (no issue)
-changing specialization and team (no issue)

So there may very well be something related to the specific team I am running. Any thoughts?

I have a Galaxy S10, ID: 677185697324

EDIT: It may possibly be something about the Viper Occultist, removing them from the party or replacing its artifact did not produce a crash.