Android crashes

Hello I would like to report several crashes on my android. I have a Galaxy A10 btw. At first when i was in the castle tutorial everything seemed fine. However when i went into the first realm and used a spell on a monster it crashed. Then i tried it again and it crashed. I tried to battle without spell gems but it crashes. Walking around in the realm also resulted in a crash. I turned off high performance mode but that also didnt help. Can anyone please help me???

I believe that phone only has 3GB RAM which, unfortunately, isn’t quite enough to run the game. You need at least 4GB or you’ll get some common crashes. If you tell me your order number I’ll issue you a refund ASAP. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah thats too bad :frowning: guess ill buy it on pc then. My order number is 33437752603176599

The refund has been submitted and is being processed by Google now.

Yep, got it. Thanks!