As I mentioned on my subject. I looked if it was already asked and I didn’t see it. Can someone link it to me if it was already told ?
I’ve enjoyed Siralim 1 a lot on my Iphone, bought it when I switch to android and now I waiting for Siralim 2 … I keep telling myself it’s better to wait for the new instead of playing the old.

No ETA yet, but it’ll come out sometime after the game leaves Early Access on Steam. Hoping to have it out in another couple months!

Wow, thank a lot for the fast answer.

Hum, I was wondering, If i happen to buy Siralim 2 on steam, will I be able to import my game data on my Android ? I love playing Siralim 1 at my lunch time :slight_smile:

Definitely - the same cross-platform cloud saving feature from Siralim 1 will be available before the game is even released on other platforms.

Hi Zack, does the same approximate time apply to iOS also? I thought end of August was mentioned in a Dev log?
Also, if you get time, can you post something in the Touch Arcade forums for up and coming games to highlight Siralim 2? I tried to resurrect the original Siralim thread today with a link, but hearing direct from you would have more impact!
Thanks in advance.

I’ll try to get iOS out at the same time as Android, but I’m sure Apple will do their best to ensure that’s not possible as usual. Either way, the plan is still to get it released on mobile platforms in August!

Edit: Also, thanks for bringing the TouchArcade post to my attention! I replied to your post there to confirm the tentative range of release dates.