Android Suggestions/Requests

Having fun with the Android version so far (and played all the past games on Android) but a couple suggestions/requests.

Could it be made available on the Shield TV? It already has controller support, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too much extra work.

Could keyboard support be added to the Android version? I installed it on my Chromebook and was a bit disappointed to see I needed to use a controller to get it working.


Both of these things are limited by GameMaker, which is the engine used to create the game. It doesn’t support Android TVs of any kind as far as I know, and there’s currently not a good way to accept keyboard input from ChromeOS. If these things are eventually supported by GameMaker, I’ll be sure to release an update, though.

Thanks for the response! I’m not sure about keyboard input, but I do know that Crashlands was made using Game Maker and is available on Android TV.