Android to PS4 Cross Platform Save

I have been playing Siralim 2 on my Android phone for a while. Great game by the way. So then one day I saw this available on PS4 so I purchased it. Didn’t do any research prior to purchasing, but I guess I assumed there would be a cross platform cloud save option, but there isn’t one that I can find. So I began researching this online and I and haven’t found a definite answer to if there is a cross platform cloud save between Android and PS4. I am going to assume there isn’t one so I would like to suggest that this ability be developed then added to the game. I have a lot of progress in Siralim 2 on my phone and would love to pick up where I’m at on the PS4. Thanks.

Sony doesn’t allow it.

Ok. I have my Siralim 2 game save for Android saved to the cloud. It’s not hacked or modified in any way. Can someone from Thylacine work with me to get it on my PS4 account?

Otherwise, you’d have people that rampantly cheat. Not only trophies, but in many other cross-platform games.
You’ll need to start a new game on Sony or MS platforms.