Anguish banshee card bugged

it should give 3 mana, instead of it it doesnt give any mana but messes your mana bar
ie you had 28 mana. and it was full mana bar. now you have same 28 mana, but your mana bar looks like its 1/10 filled only. purely visual effect. APART from the fact that invida sin with it has like 172 mana. so something weird with values probably.

cards doesnt work at arena, at arena all looks fine

effect started appearing after i got card from pending

if i take a fresh undressed group from stables effect is the same

it looks like its the card

EDIT: tested it by throwing card out, yep its the card

Found a few bugs here, thanks!

still something fishy about it.
invidia sin shows 47/47 but lacks to claim full mana bar.
also, enemies start combat with around 95%-90% mana.
idk maybe sloth/maybe some other effects but their mana bar is like 95% full.
tbh dont want to make a lot of testing over that. minor bug