Animation Speed Increase

I would love to see an option to increase the text speed / animation speed in combat. Atm it feels like it takes ages.

Just a way to change the delay between effects during combat in short.


You can mute sound effects. It will speed up animations a bit.

Unfortunatly not nearly enough imo.

Seconded. If possible, it may also help to include a combat log in combination with it to allow players to catch things they may miss while it’s faster :slight_smile: An animation-skip option on its own is probably easier, however.

I feel its sluggish myself.I would like a press E to autoskip the xp mats and stuff at the end.

Agreed. It is better than the first game, but I find myself jamming the E button a lot.

Agreed. When there’s an effect that triggers on every creature one at a time (Regal Golem and Overheal, anyone?), it adds up quickly.

A floating text speed increase would be amazing, like those above said, when many effects are happening in order, it really slows down. I find myself alt-tabbing while it gets situated.

I feel like mostly its ok, but certain effects, proccs and skills take much more time than other, thus slowing down the battlespeed considerably.

I would really like to see this, especially because of multicast and spells that cast multiple times even when all the enemies are dead.

If anything, I think certain elements could be streamlined further. Such as a dual debuff spell could simply have a pop of Poison/Snare. Same for some buff spells. +Mend/Grace/Ward Instead of Mend… Grace… Ward…