Animator Perk Bug- Death and Decay

It seems Death and Decay isn’t triggering corpse explosion when an enemy is killed, or at least I haven’t been able to make it trigger under any circumstances. If you’re unable to replicate it I can go in depth on all the traits I’m using.

try putting the golem in the 1st slot. some of the perks are bugged and will only work with him in the 1st slot atm.

I’ve had it in slot 1 since I started, are you not having any issues with the perk? I may just have to mess around and see if there’s some odd interaction with a particular trait or something that’s causing issues…

I have not used that particular perk yet no, I just know a few of them are buggged to only work in the 1st slot so I figured id mention it and see if it worked for you.

Ah, gotcha, I appreciate the suggestion!

Thanks for the information - this will be fixed in the next patch.