Announcing Siralim 2: Trials of the Gods!

I’m very excited to finally announce Siralim 2’s FREE, upcoming content expansion patch: Trials of the Gods!

You might have expected a few roleplay-esque paragraphs that reveal some sort of backstory for this expansion, but we all know that no one cares about that kind of stuff anyway. Instead, let’s get straight to the point and list the expansion’s main features:

[ul][li]Challenge the gods to battle. Emerge victorious and you may earn the right to transform your Nether Creatures into powerful avatars of your favorite gods.[/li]
[li]A new type of quest that is sure to entertain and reward players for many more hours to come.[/li]
[li]Spell Gem customization, along with brand new spell gem properties.[/li]
[li]2 new creature races for each of the 5 classes for a total of 60 new creatures. This also means there will be new traits, materials, sigils, cards, and more.[/li]
[li]100 new spells, many of which bring completely new battle mechanics to the game.[/li]
[li]A way to visually customize your creatures.[/li]
[li]New achievements, because 500+ is nowhere near enough.[/li][/ul]

From now until the time the patch is released, I’ll be detailing the features included in this patch in our development blog. Check back often for new updates! While I’ll put great effort into releasing these posts every Monday, real life events have temporarily prevented me from being able to work on a consistent schedule, so don’t be surprised if a few of them end up being a bit late.

I am incredibly proud of all the new content coming with this patch. There are enough things in store to keep even our veteran players busy for hundreds of extra hours, and I think you’ll soon agree that these are some of the finest additions the Siralim series has ever seen.