Announcing Siralim 2!

Those of you who have been paying close attention already know that Siralim 2 is in development, but for those who aren’t in the know: Siralim 2 is coming!

Siralim 2 will take everything that is good about Siralim 1 and remove any tedium, lack of polish, and questionable design choices that I’ve seen in the past year. For example, while the battle system will remain largely the same as in Siralim 1, there won’t be anywhere near as many battle messages and the game will utilize floating combat text to make battles feel faster, smoother, and more fun.

I will update this blog with a new post from time to time; probably every week or two, but there’s no set schedule for when I’ll post an update. I encourage everyone to respond to these posts and share their thoughts; it’ll make for a much better game in the long run!

Let’s use the rest of this post to discuss a few immediate questions I’m sure a lot of you will have:

When will Siralim 2 be released?
I don’t have an exact date in mind yet, but the goal is to get the game out for closed beta testing before the end of the year. Ideally, the game will launch in the first quarter of 2016 on everything but the consoles since those take a bit longer for Sony and Microsoft to process.

Will there be more creatures? Realm types? Spells?
Yes. There will be about 200 new creatures in addition to old ones. Many of these creatures belong to all-new races such as the Valkyrie Shieldmaiden and Rift Watcher, while some are additions to current races such as the Diabolic Rebel and the Heretic Hunter. Many new creatures were inspired by people from our forums. In addition, there will be 7 new Realm environments in addition to the old ones. As for spells: that system is being completely overhauled in a way you probably wouldn’t expect. I’m very excited about it but I’d rather dedicate a full blog post to discussing this system rather than explain it here.

What about other things? Will there be more to do than what’s currently in Siralim 1?
Much more. The amount of content that will be available is crazy. I’ll prioritize these blog posts to discuss some of these new systems early on so you can have a better idea about what to expect, but I don’t want to spoil anything in this particular post.

What platforms will Siralim 2 be available for?
The current plan is to release the game for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One. More platforms may be announced later. I’d love to get the game on 3DS but we’ll have to see how things look in the next few months.

How much will the game cost?
No price has been decided yet, but we do know that there will be no microtransactions or cash shops or anything like that. It will be a one-time fee.

Will Siralim 2 be “dumbed down” to appeal to a wider audience?
Nope, aside from a more simplistic Nether Creature system (you’ll see why this is necessary soon enough!), everything will remain largely the same, and new systems will be added. Some quality of life additions will be implemented such as access to a portable library. The number of buffs and debuffs in the game will also be trimmed down significantly so that it’s easier to memorize what they do.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask them here.

Sounds wondeful, both the more and the less parts. More creatures and realms is wonderful. Less buffs/debuffs is also good, too many similar ones in siralim 1.
The new combat flow sounds extremly wonderful (my current team has about 40 messages in the first 3 attacks).

Looking forward to the posts with more details (and the game itself obviously)

Will there be any “legacy” bonuses for certain achievements in the first game?

Nothing planned on that end for now. The structure of save files will be redone to make loading files much faster and safer, so that comes at the cost of not being able to import your progress from Siralim 1.

It wouldn’t have to be a full import, just a way for veteran players to speed things along a little.

Maybe something simple like not having to “breed” creatures you’d summoned in the first game before you can extract from them. It would let players get past the things they’ve already seen and move on to the new stuff faster, while mostly keeping to the intended order of progression since you would still have to “unlock” those creatures first.

Just do a code for the veterans… give them a neithrr demon or something so they feel special and as a sign of appreciation

Nah, that would be a bit too much. It should be more of a small boost to help us get through all the stuff we’ve already seen, as opposed to just flat-out giving us an uber-tool right from the start.

Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing anything too familiar. I want to reiterate that it’s not just a copy-and-paste of Siralim 1 with some new features thrown in; it’s a whole new experience.

This is probably a pretty obvious question, as it was one of Siralim 1’s big selling points, but will Siralim 2 also be based around endless content without caps or anything, like the first game?

From what I’ve read so far, I’m really excited for what’s coming with the sequel, and I’ll be anticipating future development blogs greatly :slight_smile:

Definitely - everything is designed with the “play forever” goal in mind.

Sounds great! I really love Siralim and have already put 60 hours in during the last few weeks. Great about the portable library and smaller number of statuses. It is a lot of fun, but also very difficult to remember what everything does. And the messages! I don’t know how you’ll do it, but i look forward to it. My debuffer has probably on average 8 messages per attack. It would be great to consolidate it.

An inventory sorting option would be nice to have if you’re looking for suggestions.

Either way I’ll be picking it up when it’s released, that’s for sure.


I’m very excited about the upcoming of Siralim 2.

I have quit playing Siralim because my main save has become too complicated and it takes ages to load and transition between rooms on my Android device.

I have started a new save but the enjoyment is not really here anymore.

I really look forward to all that Siralim 2 will bring.

Of course I volunteer to beta and even alpha test as soon as it is humanly possible :slight_smile:

It’s the “other things” in your brief FAQ that interest me. I’ll be curious what you plan to add to the gameplay in Siralim 2. Hopefully, some of these will involve longterm strategic choices–such as tradeoffs in building additions to your homebase–that help individualize each game, and all your creatures.

Portable library. Yes! Fewer buffs sounds sensible, too.

One request I’d like to make is that the number of citizens you’ve persuaded to move to Siralim be logged and visible somewhere. I want to see how ridiculously huge the population of Siralim gets when you play it for ages!

Very Awesome! Will definitely buy on Day 1! :->

super excited for this - I lost interest in siralim 1 finally because some overpowered teams made levelling/stats needless and you could end any battle in the first turn - it all came down to mashing confirm as fast as possible no matter the realm level. my hope for siralim 2 is for battles to be more about quality and less about quantity/winning in 5 seconds by removing those overpowered and mindless combos.

I just got this on Vita 3 days ago and I’ve been playing it non-stop it’s really awesome, and now I read that this game’s like a year or so old and a sequel is already scheduled to come out.

I really want to upvote for this to come out on the 3DS, it would be like the best hand held system for it to come out on IMHO, not for the 3d gimmick but for the utility of both screens for some simple things.

[quote=“theluxx, post:17, topic:1099”]I just got this on Vita 3 days ago and I’ve been playing it non-stop it’s really awesome, and now I read that this game’s like a year or so old and a sequel is already scheduled to come out.

I really want to upvote for this to come out on the 3DS, it would be like the best hand held system for it to come out on IMHO, not for the 3d gimmick but for the utility of both screens for some simple things.[/quote]

I’d buy a 3DS just for that. Just saying.

I agree with this comment.
I felt the character traits and creature perks needed a huge nerf.Any combo in the game can 1 shot with just splash and the right perks(Sadistic pleasure,Attack and damage).The xp gain can sabotage challenge.I found a 500% xp boost was to easy to get and way to much.Creatures with doppelganger,calamity,Time bomb and topaz attunement,just to name a few.
I did get into the actual game and building my own team.
I wanted to make my own infinite team.While I made many different teams I found some traits vital to even survive.
Eternal Rest and a auto-rez like Cradle to the Grave or Ascendancy.The game has some bad retroactive moves like Refraction and molten armor.You hit that and you die moreover its a very easy way to wipe the whole pt.I even made a brim smith infinite team.
Eventualy I had them all nether demons.I didn’t use dopple or calamity,but I had to have eternal rest and auto-rez(cradle to the grave).The game started getting easier by just pumping attack and damage trait for creatures.The use of those traits made the game way to easy for me after 20hrs.I want perks caps and nerfs.
All of that being said I had over 500hrs of Siralim fun!
The rougelike aspect of randomly generate realms,artifacts,creatures and adventure is what I dig!
Never really doing the same thing twice and in hardcore mode death is final.I like to feel the regret as my character dies from my mistakes.The slew of profanity as I die unbridled from my mouth.Let’s me know I’ve met my match and its time to ;earn from my mistakes.Then the days of grief it gives me as well as a cool story.I had a game on Siralim for x/hours and then lost it all by…
I keep reading about cooler features and new things in Siralim 2.Its all just improvement imo.I want to pay for the privilege of alpha testing even!Take my money!