Annoyance/bug: spells trigger on creatures killed in the same turn.


Fury swipes gem (nature) (5x atk with 25% power)
Fallen Carnage (after killing enemy, take another turn and recover 100%)
Equip trait: Relentless hunger
Equip effect: Start with splash
Equip stat: Atk+
Equip spells: anything that triggers on hit

When killing creatures (and at least 1 remains) the current turn will take ages because the carnage will keep using all effects on creatures already dead.

Similar problem is with fearsome gargantuans. They keep attacking already dead enemies.
To reproduce: have 6 fearsome garagantuans (or 5 + 1 bat) in party and watch what they do before combat. in about half of the battles they keep trying to hit dead mobs.
Game version 0.6.2