Another battle crash

If your game crashes, please copy and paste the full error message below, or post a screenshot of it.

Posted partial screen shot because I can’t copy the error message.

Please describe in as much detail as possible how to reproduce the bug or crash.

Again I was fighting in an easy level so probably was casting the death spell that kills my unit and d3als 25% dmg

What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, or Playstation?
If it’s Playstation, please also state your region (NA or EU). If it’s a mobile device, please state the device’s model/brand (such as Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 4).

Note 4
What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.

Happened 2 days ago so I think 1.1, 1

Got it, thank you!