Another possible softlock (Hell's Protection trait)

(See screenshot)
So I was in a nether realm, and things were going swimmingly until this guy showed up…
It has the “Hell’s protection” trait, which means it takes 1% less damage for each 1% health missing. However, even though I was giving my pilwiz peasant ridiculously high stats through giant’s strength+Multicast+Equality, it still wasn’t enough to scratch it, even after several shell busts.

What’s worse is that this ALSO included damage done via spells, poison, bleed, burn, etc.
I then decided that I could heal it with earthern embrace in order to raise its hp enough to kill it in one fell swoop, but unfortunately I had invested a deity point into ‘chastise’, which damages instead whenever your creatures attempt to heal them (so that divinity wouldn’t heal alive enemies).

I wasn’t really sure what to do so after a while of fidgeting around with divinity and chaos rift, somehow one of my creatures managed to kill it (I think it was final sting that did the trick).

Long story short, I assume that ‘hell’s protection’ may have glitched to protect 100% damage due to a rounding error.