Going through all the different single family groups I can play.
I have noticed some creatures have traits that seem counterintuitive and therefore make them undesirable, or I am reading the text wrong?

Obsidian Efreet and Ashbone Efreet is an example:
When an enemy’s Burn debuff expires, deal damage to it equal to 10 turns of this debuff
Infinite Inferno
Enemies’ Burn debuff lasts forever. This effect also applies to your own creatures while you have a creature with the In Flames trait.

Smog have a similar conflict although worded diffferent, Diabolical Nemesis could be throw in, although that might be more a stylistic choice that just seems bad to me.
Diabolic Link
Your Diabolic Horde share their base Maximum Health with each other, and deal 40% less damage.

Having a buff bar that shows the duration of this would probably make these mechanics easier to understand but I imagine that’s coming next game.
I haven’t found a fight that lasts long enough to test these mechanics for many hours and everything either just 1 hit kills me or I 1 hit kill it the next level up.