Any way to encounter a specific creature if you don't have a core?

I need an Omnipotent Deity, but I don’t have a core to sacrifice. I’ve been hunting for a few hours and haven’t encountered one. I have all creature tiers unlocked so it’s a long shot on any given battle. Is there anything else that influences the chance to encounter a particular creature?

There’s a racial modifier, but that doesn’t apply to Omnipotent Deities. It only works for Hounds/Clouds/Bats/Diabolics - if you sacrifice a core of one of those, naturally, the chance of encountering an entire enemy team of that race increases dramatically, not just that specific species.

Thanks. This is such a downer–I was getting mauled by them yesterday, and today I can’t find a single one to save my life.

Edit: And the very next fight after typing this, I find one and extract it at full health. Yay!

Glad I am not the only one that has noticed Omnipotent Deities are rare spawns in seems, I was wondering about that. Annoying when trying to get a core (I have managed to get 2 finally. so I jsut need to sacrifice one to get a set) but oh so not annoying to run into the durn things so much, I hate those guys.