Anyone else streaming yet?

Since I expect to “waste” hundreds of hours into Siralim 3 again, I decided to make it a little more productive and stream it live while discussing my strategies. Come hang out with me and my viewers at

Let us know about your streams here and we can all compare notes!

I already streamed a couple of sessions, feel free to check out the VODs :slight_smile:

idk what to look on. to boost our ego to see that someones have 21 lvl mage as of now with 13 hrs playtimes and streaming :stuck_out_tongue: but why not. gl.

Yeah, turns out making the decisions would be quicker without also talking about them :confused: But we’re having fun, and sharing one’s decision process opens up a lot of room for collective strategizing :slight_smile: Maybe you should stop by and tell me how I could get ahead more quickly, even while talking about it ^^