Anyone else's Inspect button breaking their game?

Hi. Nobody is looking at the Steam forums pretty much ever, so I thought I’d ask this here. I reported this shortly after the game was released, but nobody else has ever mentioned it. When I use the Inspect command (which I want to do a lot), it messes up the game for the rest of combat. Speeding through combats (with the confirm button) doesn’t work reliably anymore and the UI sound for button presses continues to go through at all times, even after combat is over. It’s extremely irritating and essentially makes the Inspect button off-limits for me. I just want to know if anyone else is having this weird behavior…

Never had any trouble with it myself.

Could you check one thing next time you play for me? There’s one sound when moving the cursor up and down, and another sound when selecting an action. After hitting Inspect, the scrolling sound plays almost every time the confirm button is pressed (even during the resource/loot screens).

This might just be because the way I play is hitting the confirm button constantly to get through combat animations (since hyper turbo mode really IS NOT very fast at all) and this issue interferes heavily with that.

Yeah, that does happen.

Okay, it’s not just me then. Thanks for checking it out.