Anyone still rocking Siralim 2.0.14?

Before everyone starts playing Siralim 2 I think its a good idea to relive the good old days of broken OP creatures and teams. I think version 2.0.14 was the last version that had very OP creatures, and over time starting with v 2.0.15 the creatures once godly were nerfed like crazy. Some of my classic favorites include (credit a lot of these from other Siralim members):

  • Raven Acolyte - Everything’s Gone reduced every creature’s HP by half! (makes % based damage builds that much more deadly)
  • Troll Arsonist - Resin before every turn did damage equal to 35% of enemy maximum health. He works well with Itchy Finger, Crawl Through Knives, Back for More, Carrion Swarm, Celestial Furnace, and pretty much anything else. He’s just an all around great character!
  • Ominpotent Diety - Arguably the best ability in game!!! Calamity would deal 15% max health to every surviving enemy on proc. Potential waterfall/domino effect.
  • Topaz Paragon - Topaz Attunement moved ALL your creatures to the front of the line and gave critical for one turn rendering Raid obsolete. And in this version, if I summoned a TP, one would never seem to appear in enemy parties which I absolutely had NO problem with :slight_smile:
  • Nightwing Gargoyle - Ransack gave 30% additional resources for each living creature at the end of battle. AND ABILITY STACKED!!
  • Witchdoctor Sacrificer w/ Cloak and Dagger - Blood Dance reduced damage of other allies to 1 while WDS would be immune to any physical damage
  • Mummy Lord w/ Steadfast Resilience - All physical attacks get absorbed by this guy at 1 damage!! (especially good if another character has Curse of the Silent) But like WDS above, this guy gets emasculated by Frenzy Ghoul
  • Cosmic Giant w/ Garote - This guy has a guaranteed kill on any enemy that casts a spell if Everything’s Gone is in play. Thus can activate Calamity for more fun!!
  • Thunderstruck Phoenix w/ Taunt - Only purpose is to die . . . and stun all enemies for 2 turns (and procc calamity)! Probably the lulziest combo in the game and darn effective too!
  • Viper Occultist w/ Unguided Entity - learned this one from someone on here. Guaranteed insta kill as long as power balance is at least 150%.
  • Pegasus w/ Cradle to the Grave - EVERYONE’S FAVORITE! More need not be said.
  • Mite Gravedigger w/ Final Oblation - Another awesome “I want to die” creature. Great source for spread damage especially when this guy’s health is at one. He resurrects at 1 HP so he can do it all over again. And also proccs- well you get the idea.

Any other combos/abilities you guys liked from the good old days? If so please let me know! I still play this version on my computer.