Anyway we could bring back and old favourite?

I loved the siralim 1 Nether Orb craft your creature system and wondered if perhaps siralim 3 could adopt a new style of being able to essentially create a creature with custom stats built on how you designed it. And only 1 of these creatures can be in your party and can not be used in Tavern Brawls.

What I am thinking is a special egg type item that requires a lot of resources and time to genetically modify and build this crafted new breed. You can use DNA of whatever creature you have to make this creature be the same.

The egg item I would like to see it work like siralim 1 Nether / imbued where there was potentials of finding amazing ones and not so great ones. It is a very rare item that can only be found in Itherian Realms. Also you can give it whatever trait you currently possess. I want it to be something that takes work to make it hatch not something easy.

The end result would be nice to have some level of success range not a fixed cookie cutter style. I want to be curious how the end result will actually turn out not know exactly what it’s going to be every time cause that has no magic to it.

Hopefully that gets the gist of what I’m trying to suggest. I really miss the side project that took a lot of my time and I enjoyed it from each siralim game. It was Nether orbs in 1 and breeding in 2. I enjoyed the orb system more tho since I’m the one who suggested the orbs get better and then we got imbued orbs out of it haha. Time flies!

Oh and it would be really cool if altered creatures could be randomly encountered in Itherian realms and reward more exp as they would be a greater challenge.