Appreciation Thread

[center][size=18pt]We Constantly Are Tell Zack Things We Don’t Like, Or Things We Want Changed[/size][/center]

I would very much like to list a bunch of things I like about this game, from small features, to the big ones. It would be amazing if everyone was to list things with me.

I just have a single request–please do not argue with anyone that likes a feature you do not. I really want to see this topic stay positive as possible.

Okay, my favorite things:

[ul][li]Nervousness Punishment[/li]
[li]I like how the Gods are all very different types of characters with different personalities [/li]
[li]The Creature Sprites[/li]
[li]The Blacksmith, what is up with him? I like him. [/li]
[li]Being able to BREAK EVERYTHING SO MUCH POWER[/li][/ul]

Good idea!

Things I love about the game:

[li]The teambuilding aspect, without taking gene strength into account[/li]
[li]Leda Imling[/li]

I will second Torun!!! (Overall, the gods are incredibly well done, but Torun is truly awesome!)

Teambuilding is incredible

The variety of spells and creature traits

The boss fights are also a lot of fun (especially the first time through the game when you don’t know what to expect!!)

And, finally, the speed with which bugs get fixed or minor suggestions get implemented is incredible!!!

Oh, yes, I loved the Misery fight.

Love the creature sprites, especially the black and red themed ones.

Love the amount of communication from Zack and the speed with which patches have come out.

Love theorycrafting different team builds then having them fail horribly and have to go back to the drawing board.

Love breeding different creatures, especially when the result is a “?”. Just never know what to expect.

Breathing new life into my all time favorite GBC game.

Toxon, thanks a lot for creating this thread.
Zack, you may sometimes feel that we are ungrateful sob with all the constant complaints and demands. But I can tell for sure everyone here loves your game. A lot.

There are simply too many things I like about this game. I think everyone can agree we all love the seemingly infinite builds in the game. Though there are probably “only” a few dozens builds that are very powerful.

  • Torun! He’s hilarious. I’m still salty he didn’t get to help me fight Misery.
  • Story boss fights. I like Misery2 a lot. I love the oldschool feel to it.
  • Things I can hunt for. Seriously, this games plays so hard with my inner hoarder. I love hunting for those killer traits on artifacts, materials, spell gems, cores, cards etc. I especially like that “post end game” there are still tons of things to be hunted for.
  • I like the card system and the new card drop rate. I think it’s very reasonable. They are incredibly rare but feel obtainable. And you get one you get excited about it.
  • I like to blindly breed stuff around
  • I like to build my team with many many different options all good enough to be played
  • I like how fast patchs are coming, and what they bring
  • I like the boss fights
  • I like the visual variety of the sprites
  • I like the many layers of stuff to find and updates, so i can play “simple” or play “optimized” both are doable

You’re so welcome! I thought about poor overworked Zack and felt he needed something to look at to give him strength. If it’s working, I’m not sure; but it’s so great to see people commenting on what they like. n_n

Really great work here. Thank you.

The trait rebalance in 0.8.0 is excellent.

Fun to experiment with the newly improved traits and see what kinds of team builds I can get to work!

I love how Panda token troll you.

I love how sigils went from dead weight to me being concerned I will run out of them.

I love how the Arena gives you inspiration for new builds.

I love the new breeding in 0.9.x where level 1 creatures contribute to gene strength.

I love the steady improvements and bug fixes patch after patch.

And I loooooooooooooooooove Spell Mastery.

In retrospekt I loooooooooooove Spell Mastery a little less now. I like how much class matters with the Spell Gem system (although it makes Sorcery creatures pretty bad and Death way awesome) and how it makes you care about that little symbol at the top of your creatures’ portrait. Spell Mastery pretty much removes class from the game and I’m no classless hippie communist - I’m a wizard.

The main issues with Spell Mastery though is that it dosen’t alter on-hit, when-hit and health cost spells. Allowing players do abuse the every-loving heck out of these. Furthermore the 5 “+7% stat bonus per spell gem” creatures become absolutely absurd when combined with it. Special mention goes to Thaumaturgy (Intelligence/Sorcery) and Darkness Fate (Speed/Nature).

Turns out that Thaumaturgy (the least used of the 5 prior to Spell Mastery) becomes really, really, really awesome when you don’t have to use the otherwise pretty poor Sorcery creatures and/or can have 1-2 decent spells on your guys and make the others just be 3-5 of the stock-Sorcery spells (Haste/Dispell/Mass Dispell/Magic Missile/Spell Blast/Mind Blast/Timewalking).

EDIT: Also, clocked in at god-knows-how-many-hours and still playing the game. Heck, it’s the only game where I’m actually engaging with the community at large, despite it being a single-player experience. Love this game sooooo much! Hence the constant nitpicking; because I actually care.