Arcane Refinery Deletes Spell Gem After Disenchantment

This bug occurs if you use the Arcane Refinery to disenchant multiple spell gems at one time. I’ve attached screenshots showing the sequence of the bug in action. The spell gem originally equipped is missing from my inventory. The game substitutes another spell gem from my inventory in its place.

The first screenshot shows the spell gem before I begin to disenchant it. The second screenshot is after the disenchantment. The third screenshot shows my attempt to enchant the same spell gem, but it shows a different spell gem equipped. The fourth and last screenshot shows that the same substituted spell gem is still equipped after I exit and reload my game. The original spell gem no longer exists in my game.

Device: Apple iPad Air 1
Operating System: iOS 10.3.3
Game Version: 2.4.5 (although the in-game title screen incorrectly shows 2.4.4)

I thought about quitting this game after I discovered how many of my best spell gems were no longer in my inventory due to this bug. The only workaround for this bug I’ve discovered so far is to disenchant only one spell gem at a time. Even if you disenchant as little as two spell gems in a row, the bug will delete one of your equipped spell gems from your active team and substitute it with another spell gem of the same type from your inventory.