Arcane Refinery - # of Runes

Currently (0.0.30) when trying to grind runes at the Arcane Refinery, it shows a list of all the runes I have available to grind, but it doesn’t seem to show anywhere how many of each rune I have. This is a bit annoying when trying to grind down duplicate runes. I have to keep backing out and checking my inventory to see which runes I still have more than one of. If the number of runes could be displayed on the grinding list that would help immensely.

yep think would be helpful though its a long way till talismans will work anyway so no point in grinding runes now.

Is there any reason to have more than 1 of a given rune? Perhaps an option to “grind all extras” would be better.

well some supply i guess might be ok for the future since on blogs devs mentioned further usage of runes (possibly) like runewords/maybe rune crafting, but i think it was of the latest features they d try at least they are the last in the list