Are enhanced base stats found from eggs carried over when breeding like tomes?

Version 0.14.0 made wild eggs have (or chance to have) increased base stats.
Are these carried over to offspring if the creature is bred?

There is no difference between Base Stat bonuses gained from Tomes and Base Stat bonuses found on Eggs in the Wild.

Seems broken then.

Find a lot of eggs in the realm.

Hatch and breed all the eggs together.

Breed that creature with a desired creature.

That desired creature now has many tome boosts spread acroos its stats.

Possible solutions:

-Leave it as it is (it’s a single-player game, after all, and tomes can just be banned from Tavern Brawls).

-Revert the change.

-Remove eggs from the loot pool, so we can only find them randomly on the ground.

-Make Tomes not inheritable, since we don’t need to breed our creatures as much anymore.

-Add a limit to how many tomes can be given to a single stat.

Is the problem just that stat bonuses on Eggs are too common?

It seems that Egg stats are no more of a problem than Tomes if they are appropriately rare.

You get like 15 eggs per realm with CJ at max.

Yes. Which tells me that either Eggs should be dramatically less common or that only a small fraction of Eggs should have stat bonuses.

(Also, I strongly suspect that CJ is too generous, but that is a separate issue.)

If any changes should be made then I vote for a tome stat cap.

With CJ at max you’ll find a lot of stuff but it isn’t the easiest thing to leave a realm with your items if CJ is at max.
If the best loot is only available at a maximized CJ then it is frustrating for people that cannot deal right away with this kind of difficulty - reducing rare loot change even further cannot be the solution, it is as Umaro said, it’s a single player game and if tome stats can be banned from tavern brawls, let people find eggs and breed (but a stat cap sounds valid indeed).

I hope no changes are made. i enjoy the way it is :slight_smile:

I’m finding eggs with 50 tomes applied to them with Regalis’s talisman at 100, so even if they were rare it kind of breaks the game a little.

Yes! Getting the equivalent of 50 tomes in a single drop is absurd … Especially given how frequent Egg drops are… Something change here.