Are these Questions difficult to answer ?

Since noone of the Steam Forums is answering my questions i’ll just ask 'em here in the hope to get some answers.

If i would use 5 Creatures with Link and one with Styx Cry wiould it work to drop the dmg to 0 ? Or Styx Cry combined with the Carver Shadowstalker (-99% dmg). (or all together ?)

Lets say, i have no problems losing all resources and power balance and i go up to realm level 500+. How would this affect my game ? Is there any reason to not do that ? Since reward from Arena scales with the realm level and demon dust is a pain to gain. Are Daily Realms affected by this method or sigils maybe ? I’m currently in Realm 141, spamming sigils …

Based on Styx Cry, why does sadistic pleasure not work when styx cry is active … i find this kind of unfair when barrier is useless with styx cry

Are effects of the Pandemonium Token completely random or is there something attached to the current realm(/type) you’re in ? I have used over 1000 tokens and it kinda feels like in certain realms effects are diffrent from others. (Mostly used for leveling Gems)

Are Nether Demon abilities limited or can every creature get all abilities ? (Also the abilities of “legendary”/ “special” / Event creatures ?) I dumped over 80 Demon Tomes on my Carver Shadowstalker and pretty often got the same abilities which should be very rare

When rerolling Stats on Artifacts, is there a method to it for better results ? Since rolling sometimes get very annoying

If i release my highest level Creature or drop it to the stall, will the realm difficulty go down or will it stick to the Creatures level even when its released ?

Does the Level of my Creatures also affect the Loot found in realms since the difficulty is theoretically higher ?

How do Pills affect the Stats ? I read it adds a point to the stat gained by leveling and does it stack with the multiplier by the used nether orb ?

Greets from Germoney

1.No,,3.It helps with arena treasure and the realm itself gives better rewards.
4.Random!,5.You can get them all(cept for the dumplings ability I’ve never gotten that 1)
6.1 lvl=4 points(character) in a stat,however you feel like doing it.
7.Realm lvl is based on the total number of monster in your party and their lvl so it depend on lvl of the monster in your pt.
8.Realm lvl,power balance,perks and monster abilites effect the loot
9.Pills are applied as if you took them at lvl 1 and scale with the stat gain of nether or nether demons.The orb effect is applied on creation.The stat curve on nether is higher and they do get more from pills then regular creatures.Nether demons have the highest stat curve. (Every Things Gone ability drops all creatures to 65%health and can bypass that creature dmg reduction ability in 1&3)