Arena adjustments regarding the new spell gemmana cost


I ran recently into trouble while taking on the Arena.

A lot of creatures come with spells like Rupture, Apocalypse, Morph: Sorcery, Tsunami etc.
With the lastet balance pass these spell gems cannot be utilized without reduced mana cost, health cost and/or mana artifacts.
Therefore we can get an unwelcome surprise after choosing arena creatures - this is an additional handicap for we may reckon with actual using those spells.

Possible solutions:

  • ban all spells that cannot be cast without artifacts/modifying spell gems
  • modify all stronger spells with fixed reduced mana cost properties
  • give any arena creature additional 20 mana via an artifact (if this is enough, Rupture cost 43 mana oO)

Maybe the dev team may also revise the new mana cost again in a later balance pass, this would be also reasonable.

Would be cool if you can make some final adjustments here.

Criticism, comments, additional ideas etc. are very welcome - thanks in advance

Yeah, it would be pretty sweet to maybe see the spells in the drafting window. Or at least the stats; first thing I do every Arena battle is inspect my own creatures…

Although I must say, the spells tend to play little role for me in the Arena battles. I concentrate on powerful traits and let them do the job. Think I got like a 70-4 record at the moment :slight_smile:

You can push S or whatever you have set as Down to see equipped spells. There’s some spells that can win almost on their own if you manage to see them. Rapture of course was an amazing one but now maybe not so much with increased mana cost. Chain Lightning is always a winner especially with that imp that makes Nature spells cast twice. That one spell pretty much wipes out the entire enemy team.


the problem here is that we see the spells but not stats of the creature and the mana cost. Moreover spells like Star Pact or Rupture can never be cast without artifacts or other modifiers.
For some spell I know the cost for most I do not - especially not the new base cost.

TrashT’s idea that we see at least the stats and cost would be nice.

I think is saw some Sphinx and Imlings with more than 40 mana, but well that cannot be measure of all things 8)