Arena, Calls, Carnage, Bats, Sigils

Hi Zack,

First, I’ve really been enjoying this game. Thanks!

I just wanted to share a few quirks I’ve encountered on iOS version 1.3 (iPhone 6 running latest version from Apple). I know version 2 is supposed to come out at some point.

  1. Phone Calls
    If I’m 1) in battle, and 2) receive a phone call, text becomes incredibly slow or even unresponsive when I return to the game. I basically have to exit the app and lose my progress. The last two times this happened I was able to avoid (maybe?) the bug by returning to the home screen during my call and by returning to the app after it ends.

  2. I just tried the arena out after reading a comment about how great the rewards are. I made it to around level 17 and stopped, was congratulated for my rewards, but I don’t seem to have retrieved anything. At no point during my progress were any rewards shown to me. Also, if I hold down the confirm button (as I do to speed through battle messages) it automatically confirms me for the next round of battle. Seems like a good point to require another press to continue.

  3. I had a battle where one of my creatures was resurrected as that immortal mite (in death realm) against an enemy Fallen Carnage. The Carnage attacked my mite, killed it, it resurrected, and then the Carnage attacked again and this continued without end or a turn for me to interrupt. Had to exit the game.

4/5) I have a Vampire Bat with an artifact loaded mostly with debuffs and the probability doubling legendary skill. 4) One is Disarm but on attack I never see Disarm. It does say Doom, but I don’t use the Doom affix. Maybe successful disarm results in the wrong label? It does say Disarmed when targeting the enemy. 5) Whenever sleep is applied the enemy wakes from it immediately after the attack ends, no turn required. Normal, Nether, it doesn’t matter. Sleep doesn’t work.

  1. The Major Sigil that summons the special creature that gives you a chance to receive Exalted Emblems after battle. If you win and receive a legendary material it appears to be random rather than the one associated with that creature. Not sure if intentional? Or if I just didn’t get the drop but got lucky on other legendary material? I was able to get the Blademaster’s skill in this manner.

I’ve had some crashes, sometimes with errors, but they’ve all been when launching the app or saving my game. In the former a relaunch solves it and the later my game has always been saved. Because 2 isn’t out yet I haven’t fussed over this. Are you interested in receiving information for crashes like this?

There have been some other bugs or quirks, but this is what I happen to remember for now.

Thanks again!

Hi Bruin, welcome to our forum!

  1. Hopefully 2.0 will solve the issue when it’s released, since it is built to support 64-bit systems. Otherwise, there is unfortunately not much else I can do since that would be an issue with iOS. On a side note, Apple is reviewing the update as we speak so it should be released any moment now.

  2. 2.0 unfortunately does not fix the bug. The moment this update is released, I’ll be submitting yet another update, so the arena should be fixed by next week. Sorry about this.

  3. Same as #2.

  4. It’s actually applying Disarm, but there’s just a typo in the battle message. This fix isn’t included in 2.0, though.

  5. I didn’t know about this one! Thanks! I’ll fix it ASAP.

  6. Some abilities do not have a matching crafting material for balancing purposes. In that scenario, a random legendary material is chosen instead. This is a good example of that happening.

Every known crash in 1.3 was fixed in 2.0, so there is no need to report crashes until you upgrade to 2.0. Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response, Zack!

iOS always has had some quirks associated with phone calls interrupting apps. It seems like sound cutting out is the most common culprit. That save and continue feature should be a nice help in the event going 64 bit doesn’t address the problem. :slight_smile:

I’ll look forward to the arena next week!