Arena costs HOW much?!

10,000 granite. That’s how much. Wasn’t it free in Siralim3…? Or at least much cheaper?
I loved it as a fun little mini-game for a change of pace whenever I wanted it, but 10k is way too prohibitive! Does it have some new kind of reward system that warrants such a cost? It is way more fun when you can freely experiment with teams without worrying about the cost.

Its 10k… I suppose I understand why it needs to have a cost but why so much?

There does need to be a cost somehow because winning arena matches grants you another currency which is exclusively used for other creatures/spell gem inscriptions and artifact materials. 10K is fair imo. You can cheesily gain lots of any material quickly by grinding for resources in realm depth 1 if you so choose. Also you can convert one resource to another if you’ve got a lot of one, and not much of another (I often get a lot of power and essence stocked up compared to Granite/Brimstone/Crystal)

You shouldn’t have to grind realm tier 1 to be able to play the game though. There’s no way that’s intended by any stretch of the imagination. I will say that after you kit out your main team with everything you suddenly have more granite than you will ever use, but until that point it is a little prohibitive.

You don’t “have to” Honestly. The dramatics are pretty pathetic. I’ve never had to Grind for resources. But if you want to, you can.

Well at least you’re self aware. Neither have I - if I’ve run out, I just keep playing the game.

Here’s a quick reminder to everyone to act relatively decent toward each other. Thanks.

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