Arena Difficulty Scaling

I was just wondering whether anyone knows how the arena difficulty scales. As in, does it scale based off your team’s levels, your level, or just a flat scalar increase? I ended up managing to get to arena round 101 and then quit with a team that was level 120 (mouths of hell + calamity + eternal rest) by the end, and I noticed that the health on the arena creatures was absolutely absurd (at least for me - I was a level 50 mage when I started that run). So I’m just curious as to whether or not it’s going to be possible for me to get there without an “exploit” team any time soon.

Lol did you manage to use a identify creature? I’m curious how high a level it was and their hp. Also what did you win at such a level? That had to be some crazy reward

I don’t exthink that it’s possible to use spells in the arena, so I couldn’t identify them. I think that their health was getting up to at least around 60k or higher by the end of it though - I was doing percent health damage, so I could guess where their max health was at. I stopped really keeping track towards the end however - I was pretty much just spamming ‘E’. And actually, I was really disappointed with the reward. It took me a fair while of just spam clicking my way through the battles, and I think that the best item I got was a silver ticket and three rare mats. I was kind of expecting a unique core or material for getting that high, since according to steam achievements, no one had done it yet :confused:

Kejal’s gotten that high, I believe, but he plays on Android.

Zack’s planning to redo the Arena soon with its own merchant you can buy stuff from with coins you earn in the Arena. It should make it much more viable.

The veteran players are avoiding the arena until Zack overhauls it. Should be a lot more awesome after it gets an update.

For now, if you are looking for loot you are much better off delving to high realm numbers and taking on sigils.

Yes I did and the reward was bad as well.

60k health should put the enemy roughly at level 1500 (assuming 40 starting health) and I used a calamity team too. 60k is nothing though, my current enemies in realms have 2.4 million health (level 52k)

As far as achievements go, I did port my game to Steam and most Achievements are only checked when incrementing that particular counter (like first transmute gives you all transmuting achievements you would have gotten for that save). Arena however only checks your current streak during an Arena session. I will probably do it after Calamity is nerfed because as Azorin said, currently you just have to press a button (except agqinst Bone Reapers and Frenzy Ghouls)