Arena Entrance is to expensive

Attending the arena shouldn’t be too expensive as it is based in large part on luck. In my opinion, it would be better to reintroduce Arena Tickets like in the predecessors or at least to make the fights fair by being completely healed before a fight.

+1 to the arena tickets coming back. They were a nice side thing to do when you got a ticket. As they are now, and as they were when the system was changed, it just seems like a tacked on extra.

Did it get changed back to only 50% heals between rounds? It was changed to full heals between rounds fairly recently, which makes it quite a bit nicer, but I’m confused because you aren’t getting those?

As for the cost, I like not having to wait for a random ticket to be able to try the Arena, and actually didn’t like that part of 3 very much. So I think I prefer this way still.

It would be cool if you could get “free entry” tickets, though, so occasionally you could skip the cost, but if those are too common Arena loses most of it’s weight.

What are you talking about? You got arena tickets plenty often enough: definitely enough that it didn’t overstay its welcome.

Meh, 10.000 crystals is only a lot at the beginning. Maybe make the first 1/3 entrances free? Just to make new players familliar with the experience and facilitate it in the early game.

I didn’t. I would go to the Arena so many times just to hear “go find a ticket”. Unlike S2 and this where I can go pretty much whenever I want and/or however many times I want, not just one every few realms.

We must have been playing entirely different games then. I was playing a Siralim game, what were you playing?

Yeah, I have no idea what you’re actually playing, the arena currently is full of epic alternate modes, anything but a tacked on extra.

A mode that, just like with the dwarves, is highly influenced by luck and has no place being so differently accessible. Literally the only reason I’d ever interact with arena is for the prophecies. Maybe the achievements if I really get desperate for piety. The ticket system made it so it was something fun to poke your head in every so often. It is not good on its own merits.

The ticket system made it so it was something fun to poke your head in every so often.

There’s nothing stopping you from treating the Arena that way now. Introducing artificial scarcity to Arena access doesn’t fundamentally change anything for you, while limiting access for people who actually want to do Arena. It would also defeat the purpose of expanding the Arena with new modes, which were to encourage players to spend more time in Arena, not less. Also, comparing a draft system a la MtG/Hearthstone to four games of complete chance including a literal slot machine is silly.

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It plays on psychology completely differently though. As it is now, it is a tacked on secondary thing that exists as a vehicle for rewards from a piece of content that’s not all that engaging. As it was, it was a fun diversion that you occasionally got to do because it broke it up a bit. With it being ever-present, it cannot fulfill that role.

And no, the comparison is not silly. Luck is luck.

Sorry you don’t enjoy Arena as anything but a diversion. Others do find it engaging. In my MtG days, draft was my preferred format. I enjoy draft mechanics, and dislike having game modes arbitrarily gated by entry tokens.

And no, the comparison is not silly. Luck is luck

The Arena draft employs luck in the creature pool, but still requires the player to make competent choices in drafting a synergistic team. The gambling dwarves are all either “roll dice, get loot” or “roll dice, maybe get loot”, with no informed choices to make at all. They’re not comparable.

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Except they are, as the creature pool can completely deny you a working team comp purely by chance. Also, if you dislike other features being gated by tokens, why do you not argue against the gambling dwarf system?

why do you not argue against the gambling dwarf system?

Because the Dwarves are mini games of complete chance with no player engagement and generic rewards. The Arena is a game mode with actual gameplay and unique rewards. If you made Siralopoly freely available, but with a resource cost to make it a gamble and not a source of free loot bags, you wouldn’t get people sitting around rolling the dice all play session. The same is not true for Arena. With Arena freely accessible, but at a resource cost, there are players who will engage with it as a legit game mode.

I’ll say it again. The Dwarves. Are. Not. Comparable. Yes, you can get a bad draft pool in the Arena. It happens sometimes. It happens in Hearthstone. It happens in MtG. Bad luck happens in literally any game that involves chance. That doesn’t make them all comparable to slot machines. Part drops in the Monster Hunter games are luck based. But you can’t just ignore decisions like capture vs. carve, weapon choice for breaks vs. severs, or the actual skill involved in the gameplay, and declare that Monster Hunter is comparable to lotto tickets because “luck is luck”. Same is true with Arena draft. Games of complete chance where no player decision influences them is not the same thing as games where player decisions matter.

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Interesting that you decide you’re psychic - the rewards are generous enough from siralopoly that I can fully envision people just sitting there and rolling. Just as it can be envisioned that people sit at arena and just keep playing, as it offers rewards that, just like notoriety rewards, should be gated due to their unique nature by the same ticket system.

The dwarves are perfectly comparable, as they, too, are games of chance. Monster Hunter is irrelevant, as it is so far removed from this game formula as to be unrecognisable, but I’ll play along. As you said, it’s a game of skill, and rewards are influenced by factors such as severs that can be fully controlled by the player. The arena offers similar promises but falls short, for you can be entirely locked out of a viable team, unlike in monster hunter.

You can’t just bring up another game and hope the other person doesn’t know what they’re talking about, my dude.

Sometimes you fail an Arena match because you got a bad draft pool. Sometimes you fail a hand of MtG because you drew seven lands and your opponent drew the nuts. Sometimes you break every part, carve the tail, and capture the wyvern in under 10 minutes and come out with a pile of claws and scales. That doesn’t make them slot machines or lotto tickets. Whatever. You think Arena falls short. I don’t.

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You fail at arena because luck denied you a viable team. You fail at gambling dwarves because luck denied you a positive outcome. You think arena is fine as it is and I don’t, but the difference here is every time you’ve tried to justify your position, your points have been easily refuted. Arena belongs under the same ticket system.

You can fail at MtG because luck denied you a viable hand. You can fail at plenty of games that involve both luck and skill purely because of bad luck. You haven’t refuted anything. If you genuinely can’t tell the difference between a game mode with draft mechanics and a slot machine, I can’t help you. Whatever, I’m done. Enjoy you’re “win” in an internet argument, and I’ll enjoy not having to spend tickets on Arena.

This game is not MtG. This game is Siralim Ultimate. There is no difference between luck and luck, just as there are no differences between the reward systems and the fact it is side content.

Nobody won here, and it baffles me that you’d boil it down to something so childish. That was an elaborate april fools you just pulled on me.

casually rolling around in crystal here, i say keep the crystal entry but allow tickets to be found in loot for those who wish to keep resources

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