Arena Entrance is to expensive

This guy is hilariously absurd, your “refuted” arguments make 5x more sense than any of his, haha. Even with no synergies you can still do well in the arena, and with 5 re-rolls per choice, the chances of having a completely useless draw is closer to the chance of actually winning the lottery, yet for players as clueless as him, he acts like it’s insanely common.

And says he could see people paying 10000 resources to have a chance at a couple hundred notoriety? Even if the resource cost were lower, it would never happen, he just wants to pretend he has some argument there, lol. He also for some reason wants to pretend that Dwarves have some unlocking system that rewards you for doing well in them?

Yeah, he’s not satisfied with trying to improve arena, he actively wants to ruin it, haha. He also wants it to be “like a Siralim game” but says that only Siralim 3 counts as such, saying Siralim 2’s system was just “tacked on” as well, apparently.

We suggested adding “free play” tickets for users to save resources occasionally, but he just wants people to only be able to play with those because he doesn’t know how to choose creatures? That just shows how much he’s thinking his arguments through, haha. But yeah, there’s no reason to respond to him since it’s obvious at this point he’s just trolling.

He could just as well be complaining about critical hits, pandemonium shrines, chests, nether realms, etc. since “luck is luck”. But he wants to have to rely on luck to have a chance at arena luck for some reason…?

Oh here’s an idea! We could have it just randomly throw people into an arena match in the middle of realms with no choice of monsters, just completely random ones, and even if they win they aren’t guaranteed any glory, but just have a small chance at it! After all, it wouldn’t be any different than it is now since “luck is luck”!

I’m going to lock this now to prevnet the conversation from spiraling out of control. Remember to play nice.

I’ve reduced the crystal cost from 10k to 5k as part of the next patch, so we’ll see how things feel at that point.