Arena, half suggestion half bug report

  1. Spell gems on arena. - You often end up with 2 or 3 gems on a creature that exceed its mana pool. That makes me ultimately choose dumbest creatures with highest attack possible.
    Elemental tome on the other hand is very powerful.
    Suggest to maybe make a mana check if it wont take time too long.
    And best, if its possible, to give a creature of at least 3 gems it has:
    1 attack, 1 buff or debuff 1 support or healing. Thats way arena wont be so much about brute forcing and trying to preroll a team that can 1-shote enemy weaklings on 1st turn. And at least one gem costing health?

  2. Some monsters seem a lil off, too powerful for arena, Revenant Cabalist with 3 buffs on defend is a no brainer, if its on enemy team your best chance is to kill it in 1st turn. If its on your team its 95% win, think AI maybe should be adjusted to prioriterize it even if defending.
    Acedia Sin- if you didnt choose monsters with extreme attack (or didnt get lucky with some stasis sword generous gem for 12 mp, or something like that) and it comes later in waves when you have level difference also, it will ruin a lot of teams.
    Revenant Dagon is just seems bugged since it makes your team immune to debuffs as well :stuck_out_tongue:
    Winter Aspects snowstorm always seem to be doing insignificant damage of like 3-5% of enemy hp at most
    Daunting Gargantuan is absolutely the killer since creatures are dying.

Scourge spells seem to be overpowering especially with generous property. Entire team of yeti and some other creatures was wiped on 1st turn. Was hilarious.
Some creatures defense seems a bit too high, especially when moving into higher waves. Abomination Brute is notable.
Avartia Sin also is a champ here
I mean when your entire team cant do more then 0 damage even with 40 exhaustion it limits your later team choices on hardest hitters/ fiends/carvers/yeti/with monsters that buff enemies damage taken :stuck_out_tongue: Since its absolute roulette with spells.

Thats it. Sorry if its lil messy for a report, but those are just consolidated opinions if came upon after grinding 50k pts one evening :stuck_out_tongue: