Arena mode - Let's Roguelike it up!

I love and adore the Arena. The drafting is fun, the combat is interesting and it gives all creatures the potential to shine. However, I’m not particularly fond of the runs only lasting for 5 fights. So I’ve been doing some thinking and I immagine that the following would make excelent DLC, or at the very least I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

A gamemode focused entirely around arena styled battles, but with a few twists:

During the beginning of the game you draft 6 random creatures, obviously. Hereafter you traverse the realms as you normally would and fight random parties acording to ordinary arena rules. Meaning that health lost stays lost until either healed by an effect, an item (more on that later) or by completing the realm. At the end of a realm you are returned given the choice of redrafting a creature and hereafter returned to a little hub, which mostly just exists so you don’t have to quit the game in-realm.

Each realm would also feature a number of creature families who have a high chance of showing up, so that the player has a chance to draft suitable counters. And so that the player can, should they find one, use an item in order to pick a different realm instead. In case they are massively disadvantadged in that particular realm.

Obviously ressources wouldn’t serve a purpose in a gamemode like this. So instead you’ll pick up points, used to achieve a higher score, and occassionally you’ll find items with minor effects. Heal a creature for 15% health, cast an Alteration spell, bonus points for the rest of the realm, this creature starts with buff X for the rest of the realm, reroll a creatures artifact, etc.

The point of the mode is to accumulate as many points as possible and get on the high-scores list. Should the need for more persistent rewards be needed it could be used to unlock character skins for your other files as well, or maybe even bigger rewards like creatures, runes or spells.

Oh, and once you die you die for reals. Entirely new team drafted, score reset and all that. Also, perks would most likely be disabled. This is about creature composition, luck and strategy. Not persistent upgrades.

It’s a long-term suggestion, but I wanted to make it never the less. Because it seems like so much fun to me.

EDIT: Also, I’d love to be able to buy Arena Invitations in the shops and longer arena modes, aswell as a practice mode, would be swell.

I second the idea of some kind of arena/drafting mode extension - I’m a big fan of this mode as well.

Maybe this extended mode you are talking about could be associated with your main character and could function out of the arena hub that currently exists in the game - it could still contribute to arena points, resources, or some other kind of reward for progression with your main character. It could still have a leader board of some kind.

An additional suggestion for a new mode for the arena - have an endless mode where enemies continue to level which each successive battle - but your team remains the same strength. See how far you can push your draft strategy, etc.

Perhaps this mode could have the option to redraft a creature every few rounds, etc. to see if you can adjust to the leveling by promoting further team synergy etc. or the potential weak link on your team.