Arena / Raven Acolyte Interaction

So it’s become apparent that Raven Acolyte sets the health of all creatures in a battle at 50%, regardless of whether or not it was below that previously. This normally doesn’t matter, but when I ran into one in the Arena and it healed my entire party to half health, you better believe I sat up in my seat.

This has massive implications for the Arena, obviously, but when I went in to retest this theory with my own Acolyte, the Arena glitched out massively and never spawned enemies for me, and I only had the one spare Invitation. Can anyone else confirm this?

No, I think the glitch is unrelated. My raven acolyte works fine in arena and “heals” like a champ.

Interesting use for the ability. I have been thinking about using this for a team central idea. If I where to build a team used to 50% HP and get it set up well it would be a great advantage over other teams not used to 50% health. In the arena this sounds like an additional bonus of force pulling HP back to the 50% mark every battle, i.e. what you have got used to being max HP.