Arena... rewards?

So I decided to try my hands at the arena, which I don’t normally do as I find exploring realms more enjoyable. After making it to round 11, I figured that was pretty nice and I wanted to go back to some scenery. I chose to collect my 11 round prize! And that prize was! A handful of brimstone and a handful of essence… What? Really? I take down multiple teams in a row and I get that? Is this normal? What kind of arena is this where you need an invitation to participate in battling out for a small bit of change?

Maybe this is normal? If so, I’d ask its loot be reworked to at least a bit more than two handfuls every ten matches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arena rewards ATM are kind of measly, no argument. I regularly do 15-20 and never manage to get anything that startles me; I mainly do it just for the rapidfire battles that provide lots of resources/energy.

Zack mentioned awhile ago that he was aiming for an Arena redesign with its own merchants and loot eventually, so there’s that at least.

Yeah, that sounds like a let down. I was saving up for the arena for the sole purpose of possibly obtaining rare and legendary materials quicker. While resources and energy are worthwhile prizes as well, I do agree winning at least 10 matches in a show should yield you something more than that.

Vagrant, I remember one time you mentioned winning a siren oracle legendary material while at the arena (in the team thread I think). Do you remember your arena streak when you won that?

Also it might be a little off topic but I don’t think creating a new thread for this question is necessary: What is the best way to obtain legendary materials? I know they were intended not to be common items, but outside of encountering the blacksmith in the realms and getting lucky drops/duty rewards, are there any other ways? I have occasionally got items that come equipped with creature abilities after finding 5 weapon/shield fragments. Maybe the arena, provided you win a certain number of consecutive matches.

The arena is just in a weird spot right now as a result of the new loot system. I’m working hard on patch 2.1.0 which includes the arena overhaul.

I was at a 19 streak when I won that material, though it was an extremely lucky drop.

By far the best way to get legendary materials is to max out the Enchanter’s transmuting abilities through construction rituals. Reforging those giant piles of Amber noone ever uses gives you lots of Rare mats, and when you reforge those, each Rare mat has about a ~20% chance of becoming a Legendary. So you can turn that huge stack of Pad _____ into Legendary mats, yes.

Wow. I feel stupid for not realizing that. Thanks again!

And due to this information I will put off my Arena construction and for now focus on only monster tier and transmuter rituals. Plus since the arena is in the process of being reworked, there’s no need to rush to get one. Right now I have the arena, realm addition (only have life and sorcery right now), and nether egg quest on hold. Will continue those till I have maxed out the enchanter.

Thanks again for your help! Support on here is amazing!

Anyone try the new Mouth of Hell in the arena? :-X

Yes, got to level 101 before some creatures managed to survive the initial blast and would start dying to Calamity. Stopped some time after that and got about 7 to 8 items with an exalted emblem being the most useful.

Ok, the new loot system makes sense for why is all wonky.
I had almost forgot about the future revamp or the arena! Derp.