Arena's too difficult, spells smash me, luck arena.

There’s so many ways i die in arena and how i cant stand a chance (in the first fight!) and for me it seems to all come from the inconsistency of spells being chosen. I would say that the best spells are those that can debuff an entire side, raise or lower stats and to heal and resurrect. I just had a game where i got defile cast on me and i died a slow death of missing hits and checking my creatures for spells that could help me but nothing could and i died to that one spell lol (it was irritating) even if i could heal i couldn’t because of the blight it caused all my creatures as well.
also there are some useful spells sometimes in arena but i cant cast them because i don’t have the maximum mana to cast them, which turns out to be a nothing spell.
maybe if there were no spells it would be even, but, maybe not because there are some traits or combinations of traits that would probably be too difficult to deal with or to topple.
The game seems to be centered around assembling ways to overpower (which i love) so i don’t know how to make battles happen on even terms, but some spells can definitely impair and disable a team and just win a battle.

i always lose to an opposing team that can debuff/heal/res/ or raise their stats more than i can topple, and my wins seem to come from whether if i can do the same while my opponent cannot.
it feels like a dice roll. i’d rather roll a dice to see if i can win because it would be quicker to win or lose rather than playing arena lol, + less grief :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s changed recently but arena was much easier before, actually it was too easy in my experience.

I wish to not play arena anymore but i kind of need to because it’s required for the fortune teller quest :confused: I also miss my runes and character traits working in arena as well :confused:
Does anyone else feel the same or have similar experiences?

dunno im usually trying to get 2-3 heavy hitters that can wipe 1-2 of most annoying enemy creatures, i disregard their spellgems and target only traits.
favs are centaur raider/nix shadowjumper/fearsome/dautning gargantuan/thrasher/mauler fiends/nix backstabber
mut vamp bat/mut pulse bat/troll ars
less favs are creatures with +75% damage or hunters
for support favs are dragons
Actually there are only a few creatures to pick regardless of what team you have, basically its well defined by 1st 2 picks (later choices).
Though i too, often just forfeit on 1st turn of 1st round seeing the parade of freaks i got due to rng
Hope Zack will enable +picks stuff soon.
Besides like 5-10% of creatures in the arena still miss their spell gems.

IIRC arts has been removed from arena and defense stat’s value has been nerfed a bit plus gems became less random and w/o mods. So fights have become a lot faster/more dangerous. Actually im all in for it, since you TOO often could get into situations when your attacks or spells can not do any damage at all in the earlier version. Simply due to some traits/arts/spells. So you were resorted to damage that ignore defense and was left to luck if you dont roll such sources even with more or less solid party. Now its completely playable with 4 solid picks and 2 more or less random most of time.
Yep you still can get wiped by something lucky superior (pariah thats currently bugged i think) when you just dont have aoe spells or they are far too weak - many options here.
Maybe arena has become harder a bit idk, but its definitely play faster and less rng.

I believe the level 100 bonus of the arena talisman is supposed to give you extra picks now that all the talisman bonuses are active.

yep but it does not work

I just found out while choosing our team in arena that i can view their spell gems, i didn’t know we could do that, and i didn’t know we could mulligan either, cool that’s really useful.
Since i found these useful methods the Arena doesn’t feel as difficult as it was for me previously.
Additionally i’d like to know a creatures stats while i’m choosing a team because i have little idea of each creatures innate stats short of a rough estimation, and i don’t trust my own estimation lol

TLDR viewing stats would be cool/useful in a choice screen but really learn by playing, spend some time on inspecting what you get, there are only about 100-120?150? monster families (races) stats within em are close.

viewing stats would be great. Remember em roughly from summoning/breeding (base stats) arena exp is a tough one since you wont hold 700 creatures stats in head whilce choosing. But tbh its not even needed you just ought to have an idea of race’s general stats, within race stats are very similar, and there are only like 100+ races, plus for arena purposes more then half of em sux statwise making traits important. IE if a centaur hits hard then most (all of them) will hit more or less like that one based on stats, if nix hits like a gilr it cant be helped, if fiend hits hard, they all hit hard even w/o good trait, abomination is impenetrable tank but slow etc etc. Only few races has such outstanding stat extremes, most are like jack of all trades arguably ok for 1 role and bad for all others. Though traits ofc change that drastically.

I got a 33% win rate for finishing it I’d say, but considering how expensive the rewards are, it’s agonizingly slow.

With prophecies system its ok, you just do prophecies that include arena win, over time you ll have enough to get talisman, in the end you ll have much more points than you want, and will end spending em on treasure chests. Still winning the arena is one of the best prophecies since it takes way less time then anything else. (getting god favor is prob worse unless you farm that god, since its long, and rewards for getting deified are even lower then realm quest ones)

*************but all in all id like to see reroll for 2k granite option after your ve picked 6 creatures. So i wont have to enter combat/forfeit/wait if game freezes/do over. Allready creature picking process is extremely irriating.
Lag after forfeit/teleport to center of castle after loosing and only after teleport to arena doesnt make it all better tbh.