artifact drops

Artifact drops seemed quite interesting at the beginning of the game and I was quite keen to get something new dropping.

This is no longer the case though in later levels.

This is my interaction with them at the moment
I usually end up with 15 blacksmith pages of them after some time
Then I sell all the shields, and getting frustrated that I cannot sort by type so that I can sell them easier.
Then I was having a look at the necklaces (when I had a twisted devil or a spider sorceress) and usually sell them all too
Then I look at the swords, and now I only keep the ones that have player or creature exp+ since I dont have those mats at the moment.
Again I get a bit frustrated because there are so many and I cannot filter them somehow, and they are not that good as the ones I have made that have 70% of the slots be attack buffs.
Then I go and try to disenchant them, and if I cannot remove all the different defense bonuses (which are probably not needed at the current randomness of the game) then I sell them too.

I never actually read what an artifact that drops offers, as I keep like 1 out of 150.

The big factors that I can think of are:

  1. I can extremely easily get an artifact with max slots for my level from the blacksmith, maybe dungeon drops should have increased basic stats or increased slots based on the depth you delve, eg min(realmLevel / X, Y)
    So for example the blacksmith can create a weapon with 22 slots, but I can find a weapon with 25 slots from the dungeon, so then I am interested

Although with the huge amount of slots enchanting it takes so much time that I probably don’t want to be doing that too often.

  1. Disenchant only removes the last buff

You do not know what buff is the last as they seem ordered and merged in the info window, so you have to walk all the way to the enchanter to find out.
And most of the time you have to keep like 10 defense bonuses you don’t want

My thoughts for now