artifact overhaul

What is the point of artifacts now? It used to be that their bonus was like 45%, compared to the 33% you can get when you forge your own artifact. So it was worthwhile to check every artifact in case it was exactly what you wanted, but mightier than you could craft it yourself. A long shot, but still…

Now it seems every sword I find in the wild has 22% attack now, down from 45%. I still can’t reforge it. So why bother? Just in hopes an artifact has a trait that you haven’t managed to gain access to? Or am I missing some way in which they are better than forged artifacts?

The primary property is always the same for both crafted and found artifacts, but you can find artifacts with other innate properties with much higher values than the crafted maximum.

You’re right, it is more awesome now :slight_smile: Thx