Artifact Stat Slot

I see no difference in stats on my creatures with an artifact equipped with stat bonuses. Is this supposed to show in the menu or is it only in battle?

I think it only shows up in battles, but it is always a little confusing, imo. It’s hard to tell how much stats actually come from the artifact, especially when using effects that increase stats at the start of battles or just increase your creatures stats during battles (like a couple of the Osseims).

I checked in battle and it calculates right for speed and attack getting both artifact and perk points. Life I’m not sure. Is Life Strength hp or something else?

I’m pretty sure Siralim 3 showed both artifact and perk bonuses from the menu which was nice when deciding what to equip and how many and which creatures I was going to use.

Life Strength is like the other Strength properties. It should increase the damage you deal to Life monsters by 50% and decrease the damage you take from Life monsters by 50%.

The strengths can give more than 50% though, I think it’s 68% at max tier? And if enemies had multiple slots with one they could be immune, lol, but I don’t think that’s true anymore.

EDIT: Enemies can still have more than 100% strength against classes and be immune to damage from them.

Thank you.