Artifact usefulness

I think some of the currently available artifacts have some problems:

Improve usefulness of Lances/Shields
There are few instances where you can predict the class of the opposing creatures (nemesis team, 1 sigil creature). It would be nice if you could change the class of the opposing creatures either via spell or trait. An
offensive copy of Morph:* spell might be too powerful, but single target spells or an AoE that switches enemies to a random class or a trait that lets you exchange your class with an enemy creature…

Increase primary stat for pure artifacts
Swords/Armor/Boots/Heavy Shields/Necklace should give twice the amount of stat compared to artifacts that give 2 stats. Currently you get over 25% more of stats from an artifact with 2 primaries.

I agree with lances shields. I’m not sure an offensive Morph would be too powerful though. You still have to waste a turn casting it, just like buffing up your creatures int/atk.

Agreed on the primary stat issue. Personally, I think shields/lances are fine as they are despite being a bit niche - some teams might struggle against certain classes or races and these can help players fill the gap.

I am not sure lances really fill that niche. You give up 156% character level worth of two stats to gain 100% damage bonus. Depending whether defense is substracted first a lance might well do less damage even to its intended target compared to a bow.

While I’m not totally sold on lances myself, you have to keep in mind that eventually creature levels and gene strength, even with the diminishing returns, will likely outpace your artifacts to a good degree - this is where “utility” artifacts may shine. I think lances are at their most useful during the main story, however, as I think the bosses aren’t typeless.

Bosses definitely have a Class associated with them. I have had games where I got good use early on from an appropriate Class Shield.