artifact with curse of the silent has no effect

Hi I got an artifact that is with curse of the silent on it. But still my creatures and the enemies can cast :frowning:

Is that a bug or am I using it wrong. At the description of the creatures in the fight there is never a word like silenced to beseen…

I play the newest version, 2.0.41 on an android system.

Hope that can be solved.

Although this does not explain why you can still cast spells in combat, the skill Curse of The Silent do not give any creatures the silent status, it (should) makes it impossible to cast a spell as long as the creature with the artifact equipped is still alive.

Is there any chance you were scorned or disarmed at the time?

Don’t think so. Ill do a printscreen next time I reallize the effect, maybe I just misunderstand what is a spell and what is an ability in the game, but I don’t think its that… I post later again

The only thing I can’t really say is if the ancient was disarmed or not, to many messages so I usualy don’t read them. To much time that would be lost.

Can’t you show disarmed as if creature is burned or is it already imlemented and creature was with artifact equiped? One other thing, maybe the creature was resurrected… Reborn or whatever one would call it…

Both Disarmed and Scorn already show up as debuffs (similar to Burn). I havent tested if it works after being ressurected, but from how it is worded, I would assume it should work.

Then it’s a bug, sometimes curse of silence works sometimes not :frowning:

Are you sure the enemy is casting an actual spell that would use a spell scroll? In your screenshot, the Djinn isn’t actually casting a spell; that’s just flavor text for its ability.

No I’m not shure about spellscrolls, I’m reading the flowtext and for me if it says casting that means spell and not using his ability, so it’s no bug just an missunderstanding from my side, probably.

How can I, durin a fight, find out what ability the enemys has?

You can buy a spell called Identify Creature from Bynine and use it to tell you about an enemy’s ability.