Artifact wrangling - renaming, standardized properties layout, etc.

Hiya. On my first game, Lvl 30 or so, using the PC Steam version, and I’m having a lot of fun. One thing that has left me scratching my head is the process of wrangling artifacts. I pick them up everywhere, they have wildly different properties and levels of usefulness, and managing them seems to require a lot more hopping around in the menus than it could.

If I’m missing something, please let me know, but otherwise, a few things that I think would be awesome:

Naming of artifacts - I have about ten “Sword Level 1”. I think it’d be great to give them more informative names. Perhaps auto-generated based on their major stats, a la Diablo’s infamous “Bleeding Freezing Dagger of Piercing Fire” system, or give the player the ability to rename the artifacts themselves. I could think of several helpful naming systems (naming after the major stat it has, or the creature I usually equip it on, or just giving it a useful-and-also-ridiculous name like “The Chopinator” to remind me that this is my high-attack artifact.

Standardizing of artifact property page - Since the artifact names are so generic, I find myself scrolling through them with my eyes on the righthand pane, looking for my Chopinator high-whatever artifact, or that artifact that had the special ability on it. But the text is all in the same color and the positioning jumps around, so it’s not easy to, for instance, find my highest-attack item (including both secondary and also possibly primary stats). I had a few thoughts on this.

[ul][li]Start the secondary stats always in the same place on the page. Some items have one primary stat, some have two, so it makes the secondary stats start at different places on the page depending on what type of artifact you’re looking at. If you always give the primary stat two lines (leave the second one blank if the item gives two primary stats), then the secondary stats would always start at the same place on the page, meaning that my eyes could stay in one place and not have to re-find my place when I’m scrolling through looking at secondary stats. Putting the primary stats all on one line would accomplish this, too.[/li]

[li]Color-code stat text. Even if it was just separate text colors for attack/defense/HP/Speed/Luck, status-on-others, and status-on-me, that would be helpful. It would also let the player see at a glance (by relative color amounts) what general sort of use they’ll get out of this artifact, and allow them to quickly find stat-oriented artifacts.[/li]

[li]Allow artifact sorting. Being able to sort items even by total max attack/defense/whether they grant an ability would be helpful.[/ul]

Equipping artifacts from creature page - maybe it’s because I’m new, or my misspent youth in Final Fantasy games, but I keep going to the Creature pages to try to equip their artifacts. Why can we unequip their artifacts on their page but not equip a new one?

That’s all I got right now. I know that some of these might not go well together/be needed all at once, but I think that any of them might make using artifacts a little easier.

Thanks for an awesome game! I got out my gamepad and it’s like a really fun blast from the past.

you will begin to soon realize artifacts are straight forward lol. Theres nothing random about them actually. How they work is each type like Sword, Bow, Staff etc all have the exact same primary stats at the exact same value depending on your character level.

The secondary stats are 100% controllable, nothing unique here lol. Take it to the enchanter and you can remove all properties or any number starting with the most recent property added to the artifact. You can then enchant the artifact with any property you want as long as you have the materials for it. eventually you will be able to put anything on it you wish. You then can go to blacksmith and re-roll stats to get the max stats your level allows.

As you level up, primary stats get higher and same with secondary. it gets pretty repetitive after and I hope one day something totally new and gives a reason to want to hunt new stuff. for now its a cool way to add some flexibility, but overall gets pretty bland pretty quickly lol.

Yeah, with the flexibility of the artifact crafting system I figured like eventually I wouldn’t have to worry about all this at all and could just scrap whatever I’d gotten randomly and build my own. I guess I’m just still early enough in the game that managing what I pick up for free is still worth it for me, as I’m still doing castle quests and rituals. Also, I’m still trying new creatures, party builds, etc, and that means de-equipping and re-equipping artifacts all the time, trying to find what works best. That’s where all the above came from.

Thanks for the reply, Enzo!

I’d love to be able to name my artifacts myself. It does get a bit boring to equib ones creatures with Swords and Staves, when you could instead equib them with a “Vorpal Sword” or “Solomon’s Scepter”.

Another two options that I’d love to see would be to be able to increase the main stat of a weapon, provided it manages to get outdated, and the ability to maximize a stat, rather than constantly rolling them; at an increased cost, of course.