Artifact's ability remains unclear

Hey guys, first of all, great job on this game. Seriously, you guys deserve as many high fives as possible!

I recently picked up an artifact with this - “Grants ability - Wolf ability, Eye of Thylacine”. I’m stumped as to what this does.

Now, I’ve looked all over for the answer for this and I’ve kept track of stats and damage in game to see if I could notice a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wolf Abilities modify the effects of the DireWolf status, which is either granted by the Death Hound creature or anyone using an enchant of its ability. Eye of the Thylacine, in particular, grants anyone with DireWolves a 15% chance to dodge attacks per each stack of DireWolves, and you can have up to three, for a 45% chance to dodge.

Believe me, Wolf teams can get terrifying, if very particular about what creatures you’re allowed to use.

Further clarification: any enchant that says Grant Ability is a legendary enchant, and grants you another creature’s abilty. Only one can be on each artifact, and they’re generally a pain to get.

Unlike other materials when you have a legendary material highlighted you can see what the ability does.