Artifacts display

I appreciate being able to enchant artifacts now that are being worn, but a thought occurred to me: could we possibly see the artifacts that are being worn in the same items/artifacts tab? That makes it easier to compare the stats, etc, of artifacts that my creatures are using, against the ones I’m just lugging around. Might tag the ones in use with the name of the creature, to indicate they’re being worn. What do you think?

The above is somewhat confusing, so let me try again.

What I’m suggesting is that when you go to the artifacts tab, you should be able to see both your equipped, and uneqipped artifacts, all in one place. Right now, all you see are the uneqipped ones. This will make it easier to compare stats, rather than having to click on an uneqipped artifact, then equip, then scroll to compare it to each of the artifacts in use.

Simpler still might be to make it a spreadsheet, with each artifact on the left as rows, and with columns for each kind of benefit. If those columns could be clicked to reorder, it might be still more beneficial–if that’s possible in the game.

Then you could click an artifact, and the game asks whom you want to wear it? And you scroll through a creature to give it to them.

I’m not a big fan of spreadsheets in RPGs, frankly. But when I mentioned this idea, my wife loved it. But then, she actually maps out everything in M&M 10 on grid paper. I’m in awe of her dedication, and gratified that she never sought to ruthlessly grab power as a head-of-state. :wink:

A related additional suggestion for artifacts: Please display creature stats as “base + artifact bonus”, for example HP: 200 (+500)

Biggest issue with enchanting an artifact is - I have no idea what most of the enchantments do, especially the legendary ones without going to the item and reading the description but then again they all don’t have a good explaination.

Am I missing something?

I’m in the process of fixing up the UI at the moment, and one of the things I want to do is add a description of the ability that each legendary material grants.