At Least 1 Additional Save Slot

Currently there are 5 save slots, which makes sense; 1 for each mage type. However, it would be nice for there to be at least one additional save slot for if I want to show the game to someone else without worrying about them messing up my existing saves.

It would be even better if there were 6 additional slots, for 11 total, as each mage can really support 2 play styles due to differing perk investments (not every mage-specific perk is a straight bonus. Many can limit certain team designs while supporting others).

I don’t see any harm in additional save slots. So you have my support. Although Yseros and Vertraag does effectively allow you to play any and all classes and perk-distributions avaniable. Or one could just play as a Wizard with Spell Mastery and get access to every single playstyle in the game.

…because Spell Mastery is bonkers.

I personally tend to restart my game with every new piece of content and I have to say, that the only difference between different saves is in the “early” 20’ish hours.

Off-topic, but it’s funny how pre-Misery content tends to take 20 hours, though my fastest time was 8 hours with a chaos mage abusing panic attack pre-patch.

Well, more save slots won’t do any bad, i guess.
I personally have no use for more, but for people who do, it will help.

you have infinite slot number in the cloud. Just keep the cloud ids somewhere safe

That’s a lot of micro-management, and cloud slots are deleted after 90 days of no-use. I’d hate to pour lots of effort into a save, only to have it deleted after 90 days because I’m busy with something else.