At the End of the Day

I had to restart my game recently because my original save file was developing lag issues, partly because it had a whole bunch of creatures and gear from very early versions of Siralim, stuff I wasn’t even using but wasn’t willing to delete either.

In my new game, I did not use my time particularly efficiently, but my goal to was to climb back to the top very quickly. After awhile, I noticed the clock on the game was about to tick 24 hours, so I took a pic. Here is a mashup of what my second character looks like after a day of play:

I unlocked 22 Tiers of Monsters, but didn’t make any Nether creatures.

So, to get that far so quickly, you don’t fully explore the map or get chests or even complete duties? Interesting. Cause that’s crazy fast to be that high. Maybe I’m just a time taking kinda person :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks at my game stats…
lv 77 Life mage
52:11 game hours… What… the dang haha!
But I just made my first Nether! And lv70 realm!? How on earth… thats crazy because I can barely do 9 lol.

Wow after seeing this it makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong. I have a decent team with good support, but really hard to push past realm 9. Realm 10 seems to sqwish me every battle.

Remember that if you’re playing the iOS version, you had no way to create Nether Creatures for a while thanks to Apple. And me, of course. But it’s much better to blame Apple.

I was on Android. I didn’t make any nethers because:

  1. First I unlock all creatures and gather cores for all creatures I want to nether. Then I make 30+ gems for each critter. Then I burn pandemonium tokens until they are all level 10. Most efficient to do it all at once compared to using gem boxes.

  2. Haven’t found any demon dust yet!

My gems always end up lower when I use a bunch of tokens. :frowning:

Yeah mine too. I ended up with level 4 gems down from 10 when trying to get the king to spawn. The chaos mage pandemonium perk can also increases the power of negative effects like “decrease gem level by3” in case you were wondering.

I just burned through about 140 coins… And wow! I got about 20 creature level ups! And when you got a Nether… who now needs about 2 million xp to level up… that was a monster boost lol!

I am also able to do King boss very easily thanks to legendary mats I added. Stone + Doom + Poison heal + 35% dodge = 20% attack OH and the best one, damage cap at 40% so Nethers no longer can 1 hit kill my guys :slight_smile:
I even did 4 Major sigils very easily woo lol