Audio Bug with wireless Headphones

Not sure if there is an easy fix for this. It’s reproducable, and it only halts audio from the Siralim game, everything else (youtube, on pc audio files, etc…) still plays audio after doing the following:

step 1: pairing the headphones to the pc wirelessly via bluetooth
step 2: launch Siralim Ultimate (Audio plays fine)
step 3: Connect USB charging cable from PC to Headset
-Audio cuts out for everything
Step 4: Pair again the headset to the pc (Game still running)
At this point Audio is playing fine for everything except Siralim Ultimate. Only shutting the game down and relaunching the game brings the audio back

Headphones used: Mpow H7 Wireless Bluetooth

Like I said. This is infinitely reproduceable, and not game breaking or anything, and I don’t know if there is an easy fix(or any at all). Relaunching the program brings the sound back so. yeah. putting this out here just for the record more than anything else.

It used to be that if you changed the audio output while SU was open it wouldn’t actually update to the new device (I.e. changing from computer speakers to tv speakers), but instead continue to play from the source that was active when the game started (other sounds would still play to new output, I believe). I haven’t tested this in a while, but I feel like yours could easily be the same kind of issue, as in it thinks that the headphones are a different source after plugging them in?
Also I haven’t ever seen any mention of that audio bug being fixed, so I assumed it was still present, which might explain it.

My guess would be that something with GameMaker might by default register audio to go through the computer’s selected output at the start of the program, so maybe there’s a way to force it to update to the new device when it’s changed, but idk myself…

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