Auto Team Swapping based on realm properties

I find lots of the realm properties very annoying. I find them annoying, because they shut down builds I might otherwise like to make.

Builds using mechanics like many buffs, or resurrection, or trait gain, many additional casts, etc… they all have realm properties that act as a hard shutdown, and if I am just casually running through realms, I don’t want to be reading the realm properties and swapping my teams out based on them, or worse, have a build based around one of these things, and enter a realm to find a hidden trait has guarantied either a very slow frustrating run, or an instant death.

The core problem is that the properties are too flow interrupting, that rather than acting as a challenge, they irritate.

This is my suggestion:
There is an option to auto choose the monster team, based on what visible realm instability properties are present.

Some system with multiple lines of simple conditionals would work,
where each line specifies a team, the lines are run through in succession, and if none of the line conditions are satisfied it defaults to the current team.
If (Property A) & (Property B) & not (Property C) then Team 1
IfElse (Property X) & (Property Y) then Team 2
Else Current Team

One should also probably add a check for the player’s current specialization.
So it would be, e.g.
If (Druid) & not (No Additional Casts): Use Ossein Team
If (Evoker) & not (No Additional Casts): Use Carbuncle Team

Additionally, I suggest that all hard shutdown properties should be visible only, never hidden. Basically any property that has “No” in it’s text, or “can’t” or “max,” rather than “less.”
Ones like:
“Can’t resurrect,” “No additional casts,” “maximum one buff” and probably “Resistant to debuffs”
and one that people note as irritating, like “enemies resurrect,” and maybe “copy your spell gems”

It doubles down on the idea of realm instability incentivising the use of different builds, as this way to farm really efficiently, one might make a build tailor made for different realm property combinations, which will effortlessly come into play, as and when.

It still keeps the idea of making builds robust to various realm properties, as hidden realm traits, would presumably not influence the automatic selection.

It is similar in spirit to the macro system, and entirely optional, so doubtlessly some players will greatly appreciate it, but equally it will not get in the in the way of people who cannot be bothered with it.

Let me know your guys’ thoughts! I really like the idea, and think it would turn many realm properties from a mechanic I actively dislike, to something I embrace as a build challenge. If you guys see it as a bad suggestion, let me know too, maybe we can tweak it somehow to be better :slight_smile: