Avatar System Thoughts

I like nether creatures a lot. They act as a “lead” for the team and have all sorts of interesting game mechanics. In Siralim 2, avatars were an extension of this and sort of “absorb” your nether creatures.

Would it be more interesting if the avatars provided a bonus to your creature team without replacing a creature or acting in combat directly?

For example, what if defeating the gods unlocked “god powers” which you can activate for your team given some limitations, perhaps one at a time. The most basic implementation could see this being an additional trait “slot” for your team with unique god effects.

My initial thoughts here are that avatar powers which are not tied to a creature would open up a lot of experimentation in the late game, both with existing creatures and new teams. No need to sacrifice a team slot or absorb a nether creature for a given setup. Lateral progression might feel better for something introduced so late in the game when players are invested in their creatures already, too.

What do you guys think?

so, like runes/cards? sounds boring. Avatars, especially Yseros, were super strong in S2, so you should at least have to sacrifice a creature slot for that much power. what this game needs is more challenge, not overpowering the player further. ‘no nether’ sigils is already the only challenge around anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Boring because there are existing systems which grant your team passive benefits? Like an extra trait slot on a creature (S2 Avatars)? :stuck_out_tongue:

yes nethers aren’t exciting either as they’re basically a bunch of creatures combined, the aura is similar to a trait and the equipping of all gems is basically a sorcery perk but I can’t think of any interesting designs that would work either. at least not more passive buffs would be nice, too many of those around already with cards and runes